The NP Training Works team understands that small businesses and nonprofits are stretched further every day.  We know how it feels to try to accomplish too much with too little. We provide an alternative branded Learning Management System Partnership option designed for small business and nonprofit professionals.  We work as a behind-the-scenes partner with small business service providers and professional associations to help you deliver cost- and mission-effective eLearning products to your customers and members. Our courses bring the best training experiences to busy professionals in their home, work or anywhere they can connect to the internet.  View our video below to learn more about our partnership model.  We offer three ways to work with us:

Partner with us

  • NP Training Works creates a custom portal, branded with your logo and colors, that allows you to offer a full range of courses designed specifically for the nonprofit sector.
  • Your members or customers go to your site, login and are taken to a branded custom portal. They never have to know that the NP Training Works complete custom learning management system exists on the back end to support you.
  • You get access to a full range of reports and data.
  • Your members or customers have access to the full range of courses created especially for the nonprofit sector.
  • We will create custom forums and blogs for your members or customers to communicate and share information.
  • We can work with you to create courses customized for the training needs of your organization. We can even help you develop blended learning options for classroom/online learning hybrid courses. With custom courses you can earn a greater share of the revenue and even offer your custom courses to other NP Training Works partners to receive additional revenue.
  • We share revenue with you every time one of your members or customers takes a course. Revenue that helps you meet your mission. You have no upfront costs, long-term obligations, or infrastructure expenses associated with the program. You simply post a link from your current site to your branded online learning site. We take care of the shopping cart and all transactions, then send you a quarterly check. When your member or customer takes a course you receive 20% of the net revenue for that course.

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  • If you are not part of a larger association you can take courses directly through the NP Training Works website.
  • Our full catalog of courses is available on this site.

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