NP Training Works was formed in 2007 to meet the growing need for expanded learning experiences for professionals in the nonprofit sector.

We partner with the best content experts and instructors in the Nonprofit Sector to bring you courses that:

  • Are available anytime, from anywhere, allowing you to access your course on your own time, on your own schedule and not have to compromise your work or family time. All you need is internet access to get into your class anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Are built around a learner-centered teaching approach with lessons that address the needs of all learning styles, so learners can learn in a manner that is best for them
  • Facilitate team learning by providing forums and resources for shared learning. Through the NP Training Works Learning Network you will connect to, and learn from, peers throughout the United States with no regard to geography
  • Reduce costs for travel and meeting expenses, and eliminate missed opportunity costs from your time away from the office
  • Draw upon the resources of top instructors and trainers in the nonprofit field and are certified through accredited University and Nonprofit Sector partner organizations.
  • The NP Training Works model allows local, state, regional and national nonprofits associations the opportunity to offer high quality, cost- and mission-effective online professional development opportunities to your members and customers through a learning management system branded for your organization.

Every time an elearner takes a course you receive 20% of the net revenue from that course. It’s that easy. You have no upfront costs, long-term obligations, or infrastructure expenses associated with the program. You simply post a link from your current site to your branded online learning site. We take care of the shopping cart and all transactions, then send you a quarterly check.